The Algonquin

I like football/soccer, but I’m not particularly grabbed by Brazil v. Croatia (which is on now). Done writing for the day too. So how about a quick post unrelated to the World Cup?

In case you somehow haven’t noticed, I’m a massive Mad Men fan. 🙂 If you watch it too, you may have noticed during the first half of this season 7 that Mad Men briefly used the Algonquin Hotel as a backdrop. Gothamist tells us:

Don’s got a meeting at The Algonquin, but the iconic hotel is never really used in the show. What we see is the Hilton Checkers Hotel on Grand Avenue in Los Angeles….

Years ago – long before Mad Men – I’d been to the real one several times, uh, hmm, drinking socializing. However, I’d never actually stayed overnight as a guest. So, last summer, for our anniversary, we decided, why not?

Just one of those little things in life I always wanted to do. Oh, it was fantastic…. and, urr, pricey, to say the least. (That was mitigated somewhat by us staying on a Sunday evening, so there were room discounts going.) And I did get a pen, some hotel stationery, postcards, and a cup cover!:

My Algonquin memorabilia. [Photo by me, 2014.]
My Algonquin memorabilia. [Photo by me, 2014.]

Ahem. Shameless plug: In both books, I slip in references to, and have scenes in, a Manhattan hotel that sounds vaguely similar. I decided I had to do that. How could I not? 😉