Nil Points

It almost never happens, so it’s hard to know how to interpret a post that gets no reaction whatsoever. I have to believe if no “likes” appear after a decent period of time, you must have essentially disagreed with it. After all, you didn’t “Like” it.


And that’s fair enough, of course. One can’t always hit the blogging nail right on the head. Yet some posts do matter more than others. Therefore, regarding yesterday’s post – And Robert Vows To Lighten Up – which (as of this morning) has thus far drawn “nil points,” I gather then that you guys prefer the sequel being totally….

….stuffed with nightmares, stalking, other ugliness and viciousness, clinical depression and fatal illness.

I guess I should bear that in mind as I go forward?

However, that said, if I also get absolutely no reaction to this post either, well….


….after that drink, and a second one, I’ll slam the office door, tell the secretary to hold all my calls, and take a 3 hour power nap on my sofa. Surely an amazing solution will have revealed itself to me while I’ve been snoozing? 😉

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