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Time Zones

May 8, 2014
R. J. Nello

The world is more than ever a 24 hour place. Yet it is not entirely so 24 hour that you too may not have noticed a similar phenomenon. My Twitter goes relatively quiet during the U.S. overnight; but around 9am ET, as the country starts to get to work, my timeline becomes far busier.

Not that you are ever tweeting from work, of course! πŸ˜‰ As an aside, if you use Twitter and you’d like to, follow me, and I’ll follow you back. (I happened to joke yesterday on Cas Blomberg‘s blog about how I view Twitter.)

To our WordPress. I know many of you receive an email when a post appears here (thank you!), and, if you want to, you return and read that post when it’s most convenient based on where you are time-wise in your day. But I know lots of people use the WordPress reader. (Thank you again!) As with Twitter, that so many do causes me to wonder when are the better times to post on here?

I’ve seen more American and Canadian visitors turn up if I post around 9am ET – which is 2pm in London and 3pm CET. But if I do that, I get fewer European visitors. However, the reverse also seems the case: if I post 9am UK time, which is 4am ET US (1am in California), I get fewer North American visitors.

I have simultaneously also spotted some of you popping in from to the east of Europe – in southwest Asia, India, Singapore and Australia, etc. Naturally, a 9am ET US/ 2pm UK posting time means if you are in Asia and Australia, you see a post even later – the farther to the east, the later it is in your day….

….Or it can also be extremely early the following day! Sometimes, I wonder if some people ever sleep!? I always find it hilarious on here, or on Twitter, when I notice friends posting at about 3am where they are!

Let’s have some fun. On our “big blue marble,” where are you geographically? If you’d like to, let me (and the rest of us) know in a comment. I’ll start: currently I’m in Enfield, London, United Kingdom….


….Oh, geez, did I just write “big blue marble?” I’ve just dated myself…. again! πŸ˜‰

Happy Thursday! Or Friday…. depending on your location!


  1. Thanks for the ping back =).

    I’m in Sweden. I have no idea what timezone that is, but my computer says it is 1750. I’ve also noticed some of the same things as you have. On Facebook, I’ll miss over half of the posts from my American friends. If I post early in the morning where I am, they usually don’t even see the updates. And when I post here on WordPress, local European visitors drop by that day, while my American friends pop in the day after.

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    • So right: trying to keep the “global hour” in mind is a challenge. I do find sometimes I wake up to activity overnight, or even Americans who are up later. 6am in the UK is only 10pm in California. You just never know what any given day will be like.


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