Day At The Beach

West Wittering Beach, in West Sussex, this afternoon…. 20140429-191338.jpg

…. with a brother-in-law’s Golden Retriever (we were “dogsitting” for the day), and our beloved hound, our “Springador,” Dino.

We were killing time there because we had driven my in-laws to a reunion. My father-in-law had been a banker on Atlantic Ocean passenger ships (such as the Queen Mary) for about two years in the early 1960s. (Before he and my mother-in-law married, he crossed the Atlantic at least three dozen times between Southampton and New York. He likes to refer to those years as, “When I was at sea….”) He and former liner veterans and their spouses get together every year not far away for a luncheon. Sadly, with age, their numbers are of course dwindling inevitably year by year.

Oh, and before you ask, that is not our boat.

As the wife also asked when she posted this photo to Facebook, “Where’s France?”

Answer: Uh, I suppose, behind us, thataway. 😉