Piccadilly Line

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Made it. Flew from JFK to Heathrow last night. And it’s a beautiful afternoon here in London.


We were tired – as anyone is from that flight. At Heathrow, our flight’s luggage ended up on a reclaim carousel mixed up with the bags from a flight just in from Toulouse. Who knows why? Suddenly, there were French teenagers all around us. (It was a school trip to Britain.) Yes, welcome to London!

The long Tube journey from Terminal 5 to the house was amusing at one point. A mum with two very young kids – a boy and girl – ended up sitting across from us on the train. They had been sightseeing in central London.

After a time, she and my wife and I had a laugh over how her kids were all energy when they had first boarded. However, after a couple of stops the movement of the train and the warmth of the carriage gradually began to relax them – the boy especially. Eventually, he was on the verge of falling asleep.

His mum was trying to keep him awake by promising him ice cream. They got to their station just as his eyes were closing and he was fading out. She poked him gently yet again and told him, “Come on! Ice cream, ice cream!” She told us goodbye, and after she led her kids off the train, as the doors shut, her little girl looked back and waved goodbye to us from the platform.

It’s nice to be back.

And that’s also my “100th post.” πŸ™‚


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