A Glimpse Into The Novel-In-Progress

Having been making references to the sequel, I thought I should finally share an excerpt from the “rough copy” of the manuscript.

This bit is from a “Valérie in New York” chapter. I looked at it again before I posted it here, and thought, “Oh, I hate that sentence.” Or, “That doesn’t work.” Or, “That’s gotta go.”

So there will be changes. But that’s how this process goes. Of course it is clickable to expand and zoom in, and I hope you enjoy it:


I know it is pulled from the narrative without supplying a wider context, and that I also cut it off in a “cliffhanger.” That was done deliberately. Come on, I have to keep you guessing as to what’s going on…. and what’s going to happen. 😉


The book remains untitled also. 40,000 words in…. and I’m still thinking on it….

Have a good Monday. 🙂