Mood Music

Regardless of whether one is writing history or penning a novel, when delving into the past achieving “authenticity” is absolutely necessary. It is vital to fix your readers firmly on that era. The goal of course is to try to bring it to life within your pages as best you can.

As we know, there are now actually adults and near adults walking around out there who, born in the mid to later 1990s, don’t really remember that decade. My nephew and my niece, born in 1994 and 1997 respectively, are prime examples. Maybe you are one too? 🙂


For instance, I was surprised to learn that that (now 16 year old) English niece loves the TV show Friends. When I found out, I laughed and told her, “I remember when it was on first run!” (I was also one of those guys who at the time could never figure out how “Ross” could possibly have chosen “Rachel” over “Emily.” But “Ross” was a jerk, so “Emily” was lucky to escape him.)

Naturally such is the rhythm of the passage of time. Always has been and always will be. Yes, “1995” is now almost two decades ago:

“So you like Swedish pop duos,” [Isabelle] laughed.

Uh, yeh, I’ve dug out music by artists (who I remember first-hand from that now so long ago era), and I have been re-listening to them while writing the sequel.

It’s called doing serious research into your subject!

Okay, that’s enough messing around now on the internet. (Us “older” folks also remember when that didn’t exist!) Have a good Tuesday. Everyone back to work. 😉