Back To The Routine

Yes, I am becoming more and more like my uncle….

….Uh, to clarify, I mean only in the writing routine’s sense! 😉

Full-time authoring is work as assuredly as any other job. Even if you can’t think of a blessed thing to write that day, sit down in “your office” and force yourself to write something. Trust me, there is “something” in your head. Even if it’s lousy, you can always edit or scrap it later; but even the worst stuff probably has at least a kernel or two of usable material in it somewhere. No time writing is truly wasted time.

With Passports, often I started my day very early. (Sometimes as early as 4 A.M.) I was at it – typing, typing, typing, organizing, re-typing, double-checking, editing, struggling – pretty much with only a few short breaks until around lunchtime. Five or six hours would fly by. After an hour or two pause to clear my head, I plunged back into it again for a few more hours in the later afternoon.

Usually I opened a day by rereading the previous day’s output. (And regularly declaring, “That’s awful! What was I thinking? Delete!”) But if I had awoken with some new “great idea” bouncing around in my head, I got that on the PC as quickly as possible. In that event, I saved substantial proofreading for the end of that current day.

I find I am now back into that routine as I write its sequel. I was badly thrown for most of February. I got little done that month; it was just too painful to write it.

I think I have also untangled the “nightmare chapter.” I spent most of Friday and part of very early – meaning from 5 A.M., early – yesterday morning on it. And I did so fully sober too! 😉


It was a lot of time to invest in struggling with less than half a dozen pages. But the draft result seems worth it. Turned out, uh, pretty cool, methinks.

Note: Insofar as I am aware, “pretty cool” is not an official, descriptive novelist term. 🙂