Customer Support

I’ve finally stopped laughing long enough to post this. I just witnessed my wife’s attempting to get a straight answer to a “simple” question from her new U.S. mobile phone provider. It was if she has “international calling” currently live on the account (so she can call America from Britain) or does not?

She merely wanted to pre-check to make sure it’s working before we leave the U.S. To do so, when you call customer support and ask, “Is it working on my account?” what do you suppose are the full spectrum of acceptable answers? Uh, how about “Yes or no?”


However, apparently “yes or no” is too complicated for a certain mobile provider. Their idea of a response was to bounce my wife’s inquiry between several different people. A couple at least admitted outright not knowing. One then said she would find out if it is working when she got to the U.K. – which is exactly how she does not want to find out, because if it isn’t it cannot be activated from the U.K.

Finally, a supervisor. He said, “You have the option on your account.” Baffled, I heard my wife ask, “What does that mean? Is it working or not?” She was told once more, “You have the option on your account.”

We still don’t know for sure if she actually has that “international calling” active on the account or not.