It’s A Nightmare

Yesterday morning we were told our girlfriend’s ashes will be scattered on March 10. Busy with other things in recent weeks, I had forced her death (mostly) to one side, trying not to think about it. Suddenly, it had all come rushing back.

So, virtually out of the gate, I was depressed and in a foul mood.

Then there are those times you wish you could smash your head down on the PC desk in front of you repeatedly. I came that close later on. It was after I had finished spending part of the day in another type of nightmare.

I am working on a chapter in the sequel involving one. It contains references to certain happenings in the current book, sexual symbolism (it has to have that, doesn’t it?), etc., and so on and so forth. I do think it has potential.


Yet I just don’t know. I’ll leave it for now and move on to more “conventional” storytelling. I have to ponder it some more.


I know yesterday was just a “first go” at it, and you are never supposed to throw in the towel at the first attempt. Maybe in the near future I’ll have a few glasses of something strong, re-read it afresh and re-tackle it. Being a bit “tipsy” might help. 😉