Paris Or Rome, Or Cleveland?

Snowed in as many are currently in the U.S. northeast (including us), I’ve seen some weighty issues being thrashed out at times among some of my Facebook friends. One (male) relation offered this philosophical observation last night. It having a degree of relevance here, I thought I’d edit it, and clean it up grammatically, and share it:

You could go to Paris or Rome with someone you care little for, but go to Cleveland with someone who truly turns you on, stay in a garage and be overjoyed. Absolutely….forget Paris or Rome….

It is indeed true: it matters not where you are, as long as you are with the one you love.

Yet I couldn’t help but think also on how that statement made no allowance for a related possibility. Suppose you are “with someone who truly turns you on”…. and the choice is either Paris or Rome…. or Cleveland? Where would you prefer to be together? 😉

Incidentally, I admit I have never been to Cleveland. However, I have been to Youngstown. Not that that’s the same place, of course.

A snowy Saturday. [Photo by me, 2014.]
A snowy Saturday. [Photo by me, 2014.]

Yes, definitely too much snow now. I suspect cabin fever is indeed setting in. 🙂