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A Chapter Is Born

February 14, 2014
R. J. Nello

By several months ago, I had pretty much framed the plot-line for the sequel to Passports. There had been some tinkering too since then, of course. Overall, though, I had been gradually “filling in” that frame, and working towards that final target.

The death February 2 of our lovely friend, Kam, stopped me in my creative tracks. If you drop by here regularly, you may know the “Valérie” character is partly inspired by Kam. In the days after Kam’s untimely death, I reopened Passports a couple of times, and thumbed through parts that had included “Valérie.”


Given “Valérie’s” sourcings, a little of Kam will forever smile out at me from “Valérie.” But that is an intensely personal association for me and probably matters not at all to you. Ultimately, “Valérie” is now our “Valérie” and nobody else.

I mentioned yesterday that I had awoken with a brand new (and I feel, excellent) “Valérie” sub-plot bouncing around in my head. I made quick use of being “snowed-in” to pull it together in some detail. It forces me to alter my “frame” somewhat, but I don’t care about that; and being “snowed in” yet again today is merely more encouragement to continue to fine tune those changes.

And with that, an unexpected, new chapter (maybe more than one, depending on how matters go as I write further), is born….

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