Oh, Deer

You probably think homes in the Catskills 3 hours north of New York City are isolated? That no one knocks on your door unexpectedly? And that reality must make writing easier?

Uh, that’s not entirely so:

"The flowers next to the house look inviting... If only this deck weren't in the way..." [Photo by me, 2013.]
“The flowers next to the house look inviting… If only this deck weren’t in the way…” [Photo by me, 2013.]

There are times some of the locals distract you, wandering around uninvited outside your house like they flippin’ own the place. 🙂

Saw a couple of them earlier this morning, but was unable to get a photo like that one from last winter. I do find what I call our “time wasters” to be therapeutic in a way. When you’re feeling down, seeing them meandering around can help lift your spirits a bit – and we certainly need it, with a close friend’s funeral tomorrow in London, and us unable to be there.

Hope you’re having a good weekend.


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