They Say I’m A Public Figure Now

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Our minds work in the oddest of ways, don’t they? I stood emptying the dishwasher earlier, and as it began to get lighter outside I noticed the couple of inches of snow already on the ground. A fraction of a second after, I thought of the 15 inches (UPDATE: maybe 18?) due overnight tonight here in the Catskills…. and I abruptly thought of sunny Florida (we are planning a trip there in the summer)…. and my thoughts jumped to the size of the house we might all need (there could be at least ten of us)…. and that she might want to drop in at the last minute, so we might need an extra bedroom….

Suddenly it hit me: there will be no more trips. No more get togethers at all. Not ever again.

I felt a chill. We were all supposed to grow old together? How arrogant we all are in assuming anything like that, aren’t we?

I shook my head and carried on emptying the machine.

It’s no surprise, of course, that the ingrained habits of nearly two decades of close friendship are hard to lose in 2 days. After Kam’s death at only 45 on Sunday in London (I can barely think of her without tears coming to my eyes), I’m trying now to push my mind back towards normal mode (whatever that is).

You may have noticed the Goodreads logo I added to the blog recently. They came back to me a couple of weeks ago. Seems I passed “the author test.” So it’s “official.”

Now, I’ve finally created a Goodreads author page:

Passports: Atlantic Lives, 1994-1995

I do Twitter (I have to admit, I love Twitter; I’m “addicted” to it) and (as you can see) this blog. I just have to figure out now how to use the Goodreads page best? If you are on Goodreads in any capacity, your suggestions would be welcomed. πŸ™‚

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