Creativity From Anger?

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You may not have considered this, but it may be worth asking it of yourself. Do you find you write better when you’re feeling generally contented? Or does it come easier when you’re irritated, down, and even angry?

I suspect the latter may provide a burst of extra creativity over a short-term which likely cannot – indeed, should it? – be maintained throughout an entire work. Meaning a brief keyboard-thumping literary tantrum might be helpful … up to a point. For if you do have one, you may have also accidentally produced an outline for something which, after a good clean up (and a few deep breaths) may result in a sharp (and perhaps unexpected) story-point.


Why do I raise this? Personal experience. During mid-2013, I found myself increasingly infuriated as I became aware of fawning news coverage granted to a certain individual. For several weeks, the incessant media background noise seemed inescapable.

One morning, with Twitter open on my PC next to Word (as it usually is when I write), some tweet I saw jolted me into realizing that person’s stupid and immature behaviors years earlier provided story material. It was like the proverbial light bulb going off above my head. It was too good to pass up: I found myself weaving in a subplot revolving around the troubles caused by, uh, a tearaway, self-absorbed U.S. college student in Italy who makes life extremely unpleasant for her English roommate.

Once again, from where “fiction” sometimes comes….


  1. Honestly, my most creative place is in retrospect of an upsetting situation. Actually after the fact, once I’ve calmed down. So…I guess…it is sort of born from anger (or sadness, or disappointment, or other upsetting emotions). Thanks for the post.


  2. We all know, I suppose, quality fiction is often rooted in some degree of anger or upsetment over something. It’s a major driver. But I had never actually thought about it systematically, though, until recently.


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