Amazon’s “Sneak Peek”

Amazon informs authors:

KDP takes the first 10% of your content and creates a sample that customers can view before purchasing the Kindle Edition of your title….

When I spotted that pre-publication, I shrugged, “Well, okay, I guess.” The novel is nearly 400 pages, and divided into sixty chapters. Not unreasonable, then, that about the first seven and a quarter chapters are available for free on its Kindle page.

Later, I noticed something else. One may “look inside” at the paperback‘s first six story pages (and back cover). Huh. Given 10 percent of the book is visible as the sample on the Kindle page, I am unclear why there’s such a marked difference between the sizes of the two sneak peeks?

Moreover, considering Amazon simply uses the opening for the sample, luckily (in my case here) there is also, umm, nothing too risqué in that first 10 percent of the book. Sorry to disappoint you with that “spoiler,” but I might as well be honest. After all, no author can throw everything at you at the start! And if you read the lengthy Kindle sample, you will discover that anyway.

Yet there could well have been. Which got me thinking I may have to bear that Kindle reality in mind plot-wise. That because I have been working on opening the sequel rather, shall we say, “romantically”….


….but, no, I’m not even hinting here regarding who is doing what with whom. You’ll find that out eventually!

Amazon notes on that same KDP info page that you may contact KDP’s support team if you have further questions. I see I may have to. For since Amazon tells us the free Kindle sample is default the first tenth of a book, I’m now not so sure just how much, uh, “romance” near the beginning is a good idea….

….Or, then again, maybe, uh, it is? 😉